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    "Hollywoods" Top ten

    The Pimpin' TJ Jones
    The Pimpin' TJ Jones

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    "Hollywoods" Top ten Empty "Hollywoods" Top ten

    Post  The Pimpin' TJ Jones on Mon Mar 02, 2009 8:19 am

    10. Wulfwood: He came close to beating D;rock Inc. but on tht night it did not happen.

    9. Black Stallion: A win over Nick 97 gets him this spot.

    8. Kizarni: Hard worker at everything he does, but not good enough to beat Sunshine on saturday.

    7. D;Rock Inc.: A win over Wulfwood gets him this spot, plain and simple.

    6(tied). Trademark Jones: Hollywood lands this spot for the way he handled the NLW situation sending Joey over to NLW to take the NLW Tv championship.

    6(tied). Kj Styles: Had a great win over the cerebral assasin, which ended in a submission.[/color]

    5. Mac Wezzy: Had a close win over Collective soul, hope he can keep it up.

    4. Mr. Sunshine: Had a very impressive win over Kizarni in a very good match.

    3. Marvin "Titanium" Wall: Had an impressive win over drago where he completely dominated.

    2. Cuting-Edge: Two wins in a row this kid is on fire, hope he can keep it up.

    [b]1. Joeyf75: He shook things up along with Jones as he won the NLW TV title from NLW but PTW may want to watch out for the remorcee from Damage.[b]

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    Mr. Sunshine
    Mr. Sunshine

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    "Hollywoods" Top ten Empty Re: "Hollywoods" Top ten

    Post  Mr. Sunshine on Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:34 am

    great top ten looks like I have competition, just one problem yours is based on wins, try to judge rp standard too

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