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    KJ Styles
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    Post  KJ Styles on Tue Mar 03, 2009 6:01 am

    -- The Cerebral Assassian walks down the ramp holding the baseball bat the he beat up KJ Styles with, getting some boo's from the crowd --

    Kennedy: I didnt think the guys had the guts to come down here after what he did to KJ Styles last week

    Randy: I still cant believe what The Cerebral Assassian did to him

    -- The Cerebral Assassian walks to the announcers table and grabs a mic from one of the workers hand and enters the ring --

    Kennedy: Lets see what he has to say

    -- The Cerebral Assassian slowly raises the mic to his mouth and starts to talk --

    The Cerebral Assassian: So you guys think what I did last week was wrong

    -- The Crowd starts to chant YOU SUCK, YOU SUCK, YOU SUCK

    The Cerebral Assassian: Well your all wrong, not me, KJ Styles desirved every last thing that I gave him with this

    -- He slowly raises the baseball for the entire arena to see --

    The Cerebral Assassian: I dont see what I did wrong

    Kennedy: Is he searious, doesnt know what he did wrong

    Randy: They should do something about this, becasue he thinks he didnt do anything wrong

    -- The Cerebral Assassian starts to walk around inside the ring --

    The Cerebral Assassian: You all probally are wondering why I attacked him in the first place

    Kennedy: Yeah, I would like to now why

    The Cerebral Assassian: The main reason was becasue he came out here last week and said he shut me up but guess what, he didnt

    -- The Cerebral Assassina walks and stops in the middle of the ring --

    The Cerebral Assassian: Well thats is one reason why I did that

    BOOM by P.O.D. plays through the arean and the crowd stands up onto there feet

    -- GM Jones walks out and stands on the ramp --

    GM Jones: Well, since you think you can do whatever you want Cerebral Assassian, well you cant just attack somebody from behind like that

    -- GM Jones starts walking down the ramp toward the ring --

    The Cerebral Assassian: I didnt attack KJ Styles from behind I just hit him with this bat until he couldnt move

    -- GM Jones: Well I have an idea to show you what I do to people like you

    -- GM Jones enters the ring and looks at The Cerebral Assassian --

    The Cerebral Assassian: And what do you do to people like me

    GM Jones: What I do to people like you is

    -- GM Jones pauses for a short amount of time --

    GM Jones: I give them a PPV match

    Kennedy: What, he is just giving him a PPV match

    Randy: He should of been banned for his actions

    GM Jones: So at Highway To Hell, or very first PTW PPV, it will be The Cerebral Assassian vs someone of my chosing in a "special match"

    -- Boom by P.O.D. plays through the arena while GM Jones walks up the ramp --

    Kennedy: So thats what GM Jones is going to do about this

    Randy: What I want to know os who he is facing at Highway To Hell and what the "special match" means

    Kennedy: I think we all want to know the answers to them too, Randy

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