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    Post  Priceless on Tue Mar 03, 2009 6:03 am

    The lights dim and Psychosocial blares over the stadium as the crowd rises to their feet, in anticipation. The "Priceless" Artifact walks down to the ring with a mic in his hand.

    "well as you all know last week i made my PTW debut where I defeated the scum known as the scorpion sting.Well let me just state that match was the most dissapointing match I've ever participated in. I had such high hopes it was going to be a nice competition, that obviously didnt happen. So this week I am going to hand select another opponent who I find unfit to be in this buisness, Bucc Nasty! Now let me say this, I WANT SOME DAMN COMPETITION AND IF I DONT GET SOME, I WILL PERSONALY TAKE EVERYPERSON BACK IN THAT LOCKER ROOM AND POUND THE LIVING HELL OUT OF THEM UNTIL I GET THE SATISFACTION I DESIRE!"

    Priceless walks back down the ramp to the backstage area as the crowd boos and jeers at Priceless.

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