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    Post  Bergas on Thu Mar 05, 2009 7:36 pm

    * Bergas comes down to the ring holding a mic *

    Bergas: Last night, I had a great match against Payaso, he is a really pretty tought guy, but not like me of course!! Because I am unstoppable!! And no1 can handle with me!!

    * Crowd Boo's *

    Bergas: Shut up!! I am talking so u listen, so shut the hell up!!

    Bergas: I saw some good fights in the show....and I saw many talents out there for me to destroy!! So...GM's I'de like to face some1 who won a match last night!! I want to give them the taste of getting pinned by.....ME!!!

    * Bergas drops the mic and wait for a GM response *
    The Pimpin' TJ Jones
    The Pimpin' TJ Jones

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    Post  The Pimpin' TJ Jones on Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:33 am

    "Boom" by POD begins to play

    And out steps GM Trademark Jones

    Kennedy: I wonder what he will have to say on this matter?

    Our GM walks to the ring, but before he slides into the ring he grabs a mic, but then slides into the ring.

    GM Jones: You know what Bergas, I have enough crap around here to deal with, and I don't want to begin to name everything.

    Randy: Maybe first off, the match Damage vs Joey tonight.

    GM Jones: So Bergas I will give you the same opponent you had in the last show, Payaso.

    Bergas gets mad and begins to pace all over the ring.

    Bergas: No, no I'm not going to face him again, I beat him once, no need to beat him again.

    Kennedy: I wonder if he is afraid of a lose to Payaso.

    Randy: Kenneth, Listen to the man, he beat him already no need to face him again.

    GM Jones: Well as you know, I don't give a crap, so Payaso may you precede your way out here.

    GM Jones leaves the ring and while he is walking up the ramp to backstage Payaso runs out to the ring

    Not far behind is the referee

    Payaso slides into the ring

    Kennedy: I guess this match is official, so lets get it under away.

    payaso tell me if u dont like this idea

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