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    The Pimpin' TJ Jones
    The Pimpin' TJ Jones

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    Post  The Pimpin' TJ Jones on Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:14 am

    Pyro is goin off on the stage

    The arena is packed with true wrestling fans, who seem ready to see some good matches

    Kennedy: Welcome to the first show of Prime Time Wrestling, I am Kennedy and along side with me is my partner Randy. Randy are you as excited as me?

    Randy: Trust me young Kenneth I will never be as excited as you, but to answer your question, yes I am excited and ready for the show.

    "Boom" by POD begins to play and the fans get to their feet.

    Kennedy: And here comes the men that began this fed, none other than, "Hollywood" Trademark Jones.

    Hollywood Jones walks to the ring and is happy to hear an applause from the fans.

    He has a mic in his hand, and is ready to talk

    Randy: I wonder what our GM has to say, It should be intruiging to listen to.

    Hollywood Jones slides into the ring and quickly stands up, and begins to speak.

    GM Hollywood Jones: Welcome to the first of many shows here in PTW, Prime Time Wrestling!!

    The audience screams and seems hyped to be at the first show of PTW

    GM Hollywood Jones: I want to make my first announcement as the GM of PTW...

    Kennedy: I wonder what our Gm has to say.

    Gm Hollywood Jones: I want to announce an unknown person that also began to help this fed, he has alot of names my partner, my longtime friend, and even my brother...

    Randy: Well I never heard that our GM had a brother, who is this man?

    GM Hollywood Jones: And this man is none other than, "JJ" Joey Jones.

    Kennedy: Who is this man?

    Randy: Shut up and wait to find out who it is. I mean Kenneth he siad it's his partner and even his brother so he must be good.

    "Boom" by POD plays once again as it did earlier and a figure steps out.
    EXGM Joeyf75
    EXGM Joeyf75

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    Post  EXGM Joeyf75 on Sun Feb 15, 2009 7:53 am

    The figure is wearing a sweatshirt with a pheonix on the back of it and seems to be pumped up.

    Kennedy: I wonder who this mystery brother will turn out to be.

    Randy: Well I hope he comes out and gives me a raise haha

    Kennedy: Dream on Randy.

    The figure pulls back his hood and reveals himself as Joeyf75 A.K.A "JJ" Joey Jones. He smiles and greets the crowd with enthusiasm and walks to the ring.

    Joey: Wooo! I never thought the day would come when my brother and I would accomplish such an amazing feat. Well I just want to tell you that I will assist my brother here to all my ability.

    "Hollywood" Trademark Jones: Thank you Joey, and for all your fans, me and my brother have accomplished many other feats. We once joined another federation to earn money for this day.

    Joey: And there is where we won our first tag team titles. It was a glorious event. We were so phyched about the raise that came with it, we saved every penny to buy this building you are all sitting in!

    The crowd cheers.

    Jones: That's right, we were very successful in that federation, and we will take this federation all the way to the top!

    Kennedy: I sure hope these men can take PTW beyond the limits to the top.

    Randy: Yes, that would be a great thing.

    Joey: We will put on, and organize an exciting show for all the PTW fans every week! Our wrestlers will fight until they can't fight any more.

    Jones: And our champions will fight the best of the best! Because we know all you fans don't want to see a bunch of blobs run out there and bore you people to death.

    Joey: And to prove to all of you that we will do anything to keep you all happy, we are going to fight each other tonight!

    Randy: Wow a fight between brothers tonight!

    Kennedy: PTW is sure coming in with a bang!

    Jones do you agree with fighting me the first night or should we save it?

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    The Pimpin' TJ Jones
    The Pimpin' TJ Jones

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    Post  The Pimpin' TJ Jones on Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:05 pm

    "Hollywood" Trademark Jones walks into the face of his older brother.

    "Hollywood" Trademark Jones: As you know I have respect and love for you, so at first I want to say no, but I know that this match will mean so much to you.

    Joeyf75: So you accept?

    Randy: I hope he accepts, it would be a great way to kick off the first show of the season.

    "Hollywood" Trademark Jones: So I accept.

    The crowd begins to cheer, the cheers are so loud that neither man can speak.

    Kennedy: What a match that should be between older and younger brothers.

    Joeyf75 walks up to Trademark Jones and extends his hand out.

    Trademark Jones of course puts his hand out and shakes Joey's hand.

    "JJ" Joey Jones first leaves the ring and is soon followed by PTW's GM.

    Kennedy: That match should be a great match, that should not disapoint.

    Randy: I must agree, but we have a great show ahead for all of you wrestling fans.

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