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    Collective Soul
    Collective Soul

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    Post  Collective Soul on Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:10 am

    (Colective Soul's video starts up)

    Kennedy: good lord what does he want now

    Randy: Im guessing after last week he has something to say and its not going to be pleasent

    Kennedy: When its Collective Soul it never is

    Collective Soul: Hello my soulful people..(loud boo's), SSSSSSHHHH, ok now last week i lost to a fluke of a man Zafir, but..(More boo's) He cheated, but you know what that doesnt matter cause i have a new plan, do you people know why i lost last week (chants of you suck) NOOO NOW SHUT UP AND LET ME FINISH.


    Kennedy: not this again.

    Randy: I swear he is slowly going insane.

    Colective Soul: Well i have to tell them anyway I ....

    (someone has there video play)

    Kennedy:now what

    Randy: oh come on i was getting used to this pysco freak.

    (someone can come in and continue the scene lol)

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