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    Fuego/Macbain segment

    Bower Macbain
    Bower Macbain

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    Fuego/Macbain segment Empty Fuego/Macbain segment

    Post  Bower Macbain on Sat Feb 21, 2009 10:03 am

    Bower Macbain is backstage lifting free weights. He huffs and puffs with great vigor as beads of sweat drip down his face. He looks up and sees the luchador Felipe Fuego standing in front of him.

    "Buenos Noches chico, how are you? I'm Felipe Fuego nice to meet you!"

    Fuego extends his hand in friendship. Macbain just looks at his friendly visitor.

    "Buzz off man! I don't have time for you!"

    Fuego is taken aback, "You're too wound up! Hey muchacho, relax. La vida es buena, amigo!"

    Without warning Bower MacBain performs a double leg takedown
    and spins his opponent with great speed before he releases him sending him bouncing violently all over the place executing devastating Highland Hurl!!

    "Ah, there we go! I feel more relaxed already ah-mee-go!" Macbain takes a moment to look at the battered Fuego and then leaves. Fuego glares at the departing Scotsman with an unmistakable fire burning in his eyes.

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