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    Post  Priceless on Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:18 am

    The lights go out and the arena gets silent. A man appears on the rampway, with a microphone, he speaks.

    "I am The Priceless Artifact and I am your saviour. I am here to protect you from all that is wrong and unholy. Why,do I want to save scum like you? Because it is my job and my destiny, I was sent from the heavens aboe to rid the wrestling world of the scum and filth that live in it, just like you pathetic fans that sit here every week."

    The fans erupt in boos and angry yells.

    "I am also the baddest sob to ever walk this planet, and I will prove it to you. I have a match tonight, and I shall show you all just what happens when I step into that ring and pound the living hell out of him tonight. When I begin my journey to save you all from the filth that is known as The Scorpion Sting."

    Priceless makes his way backstage as the fans erupt in boos again.

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