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    Role Play for Saturday


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    Role Play for Saturday Empty Role Play for Saturday

    Post  TripleH on Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:21 am

    Lacey: Good Evening everyone. I would liked to introduce my special guest at this time, "The Game" Triple H.

    "The Game" Triple H: Good Eveing Lacey. Thanks for having me

    Lacey: No. Thank You. Well, Last week at "Prime Time Wrestling." you had your first match against Brolly who completly dominated the match. I just wanted to get your thoughts.

    "The Game" Triple H: Well, Brolly is a good superstar and I have the up most respect for him. But, that match was just a warm up. Tonight, I'm gonna issue a open challenge for anyone and everyone.

    Lacey: Well, thats a big decision Triple H, Are you sure you wana go through with this, I mean I know you're probably not 100% after last week. Am I right?

    "The Game" Triple H: Your right, I'm not 100% but, wrestling is my passion. Wrestling is what I do for a living. And do you even know who I am?

    Lacey: Well, Duh. Your "The Game" Triple H

    "The Game" Triple H: Well thats almost right but I am The King of Kings, The Cerebal Assassin, and The Best of The Best.

    "The Game" Triple H leaves the interview and heads to the Ring....

    "The Game" Triple H is seen backstage getting ready to walk out.

    "The Game" Triple H music hits while he proceeds to the ring

    Who ever wants to accept this, just add on to it...

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    Role Play for Saturday Empty Re: Role Play for Saturday

    Post  Zafir on Fri Mar 06, 2009 8:22 am

    as Triple H the lights shimmer and then cut out plunging the arena into darkness.

    Randy: What the hell is this? The lights just went out!

    Kennedy: i dont know whats going on!

    a scuffle can be heard from the ramp. and the lights come back up with Triple H laying on the entrance ramp rubbing the back of his head.

    Randy: What just happened what did we miss? Kennedy are you even paying attention?

    Kennedy: i couldnt see either, nobody could.

    the titontron flares up and it shows Zafir sitting in a plain room on a black leather couch laughing.

    Kennedy: Looks like Zafir is up to his normal bad tricks.

    Randy: i dont know Kennedy seems to me like he keeps things interesting.

    looking into the camera and stops laughing and smiles out at the crowd.

    Zafir: well well, what have we here? Triple H? are you on your Ass again? you know you need to work to get paid. if this is what you do for a living one might assume you are good at it.

    Kennedy: Triple H might have lost last week, but he showed great heart.

    Zafir: but you and me both know that is not the case. the King of Kings, you say? thats funny, considering you lost last week. looks like you have learned to bow down to those above you!

    Randy: Thats right! Triple H needs to learn some respect!

    Kennedy: and attacking a man from the shadows is a lesson in respect? give me a break Randy.

    Randy: atleast he learns his lesson Kennedy.

    Zafir: the best of the best you say? i am tired of cocky little punks like you claiming to be the best. the best dont get punked like a fool.

    Randy: Did you see that? he is calling Thiple H's bluff!

    Kennedy: Zafir is really asking for it this time.

    Randy: This is great, not only that but he can give what he takes as we saw from last week!

    Kennedy : Zafir tapped last week Randy

    Randy: Always with the negativity Kennedy! why cant you leave the man alone!

    Zafir bursts into laughter again and the titantron fades to black.

    Kennedy: Somebody is gonna pay tonight.

    Randy: i hope Zafir backs up what he brought tonight and puts Triple H in his place!

    Triple H rises from the ramp with anger and malice in his eyes and storms backstage.

    Randy: Triple H has bad intentions this eve, wonder what jones will have to say about this.

    Kennedy: i dont know, but i know it wont be good.
    The Pimpin' TJ Jones
    The Pimpin' TJ Jones

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    Role Play for Saturday Empty Re: Role Play for Saturday

    Post  The Pimpin' TJ Jones on Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:50 am

    "The Game" is shown outside of "Hollywoods" Office.

    "The Game" Knocks on the door and then proceeds in

    Trademark Jones is shown and he looks up at Triple H.

    GM Jones: What know? I've had to deal with so many things today, so what to you want?

    Triple H hesitates, but then speaks.

    Triple H: I want a match versus Zafir, He is nothing but a little punk, and I want to destroy him.

    Kennedy: Nothing is a surprise with this annoouncement from "The Game".

    Randy: Well will our GM accept his request.

    Gm Jones: YOu know what, you want a match, you got a match against Zafir, Just get the hell out of my office.

    "The Game" Slowly receds from our GM's office.

    Kennedy: Well it's official, Zafir vs "The Game" and it's next.
    Collective Soul
    Collective Soul

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    Role Play for Saturday Empty Re: Role Play for Saturday

    Post  Collective Soul on Sat Mar 07, 2009 6:52 am

    (Collective Soul finds The Game)

    Collective Soul:I can help you take him out (laughs)

    The Game: Look chump i dont need anyone to fight my battles...

    Collective Soul: SSSSHHHH, Hold on a second man, just gel out, i have no beef with you, look me and Zafir have a little unfinished bussiness and (laughs again) no matter what you say im going to find a way in that match.

    The Game: Soul, you lost to him already, give it up, if you want another shot at him you gotta go through me
    (stare down)


    The Game: right.. well im out of here, i got a match to win.

    Kennedy: this Collective Soul guy is getting to involved with Zafir.

    Randy: For once i agree, there has got to be something personal between Zafir and Soul.

    Kennedy: Well were going to have to sit here and just wait.

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    Role Play for Saturday Empty Re: Role Play for Saturday

    Post  Zafir on Sat Mar 07, 2009 6:56 am

    your a little late man, the show is already set... make something for next week Wink
    Collective Soul
    Collective Soul

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    Role Play for Saturday Empty Re: Role Play for Saturday

    Post  Collective Soul on Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:44 am

    ya i know i was just practicing lol im already setting an idea next week

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    Role Play for Saturday Empty Re: Role Play for Saturday

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